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Top 20 músicas mais ouvidas na China em 2011

A lista não está ordenado, são as 20 músicas mais ouvidas na China durante o 1º semestre do ano.

Eason Chan and Faye Wong - Because of Love (因为爱情)

A-Mei Chang - My Most Beloved (我最亲爱的)

A-Mei Chang - What Time Is It? (都什么时候了)

Tiger Huang - Come Around Again (重来)

Jacky Cheung - 3rd Take (三分拍)
[vídeo indisponível]

Stefanie Sun - When The Winter Nights Turn Warm (当冬夜渐暖)

Stefanie Sun - Telling the World the Words from My Heart (世说心语)

Emil Chau - Hua Dan (花旦)

Aaron Yan - The Next Me (下一个我)

Yoga Lin - Wanting Freedom (想自由)

Christine Fan - The Most Important Decision (最重要的决定)

Show Luo - Only For You (Only You)

Show Luo - Hero In Vain (拼什么)

Khalil Fong - After All The Trouble (好不容易)

Zhang Yun Jing - Steady Lovers (情人结)

Wilber Pan - UUU

F.I.R - Atlantis (亚特兰提斯)

Della Ding - Half (一半)

Chris Lee - I'm Sorry, But I Suddenly Miss You (对不起,只是忽然很想你)

Yisa Yu and Freya Lin - Hear You Speak (听你说)

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